Through our own experiences of loss we feel compelled to help bear others' burdens as they walk through their own seasons of grief, loss, and illness.

Often times during tragedy, words feel so insignificant. When we see a friend or loved one hurting we want to do something but we're just not sure what that something is. When words fall short, let a Burden Bearing Basket do the talking for you. As a result of experiencing grief first hand, we have made it our mission to put together care baskets full of handmade mementos and hand-picked items to send comfort to a loved one who has just embarked on the journey of grief. Although there is often nothing we can do to fix a tragic situation, we can offer support to make the journey of a grieving friend just a little bit easier. Sending a Burden Bearing Basket is a tangible way to show someone how much you truly care.

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