Miscarriage Keepsake Memory Box; Miscarriage Gift; Pregnancy Loss Gift Basket

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A mother who has lost her baby to miscarriage often doesn't have many tangible items to commemorate and memorialize her loss. She might have an ultrasound picture and her positive home pregnancy test, but she doesn't have anything her baby wore (or even touched) while in the hospital, or items that she bought in anticipation for the baby's arrival since this type of loss occurs so early. Receiving this memory box gives the grieving mother items that she will hold dear as they provide comfort and become connected and associated to her loss. Jessica, one of the shop owners created this box after her second miscarriage, selecting items that comforted her and that we pray will comfort your loved one as well. The items come in a memory box; the perfect item to house the precious mementos from her loss.

Each memory box contains the following seven items:
1. A cozy blanket - (Since she doesn't have a blanket that her baby was swaddled in, or that she received at a shower in anticipation of her child being born, she will love that to have a blanket that she can associate with the baby she lost.)
2. A hand-sewn rice heating pad infused with lavender - (A woman going through a miscarriage may not feel like herself for several weeks; experiencing cramps and discomfort -- this is especially true if she had to have surgery. This rice heating pad is the perfect size to lay across her stomach and is easily heated in the microwave.)
3. A handpicked "mom" mug* - (She has held a child in her body and is a mother, she may question this if it is her first child and a sweet mug will serve as a gentle reminder that she is.)
4. Calming lavender chamomile tea
5. An 8x10 Certificate of Life (Miscarriages often occur too early for the parents to receive a birth or death certificate; a Certificate of Life helps to validate the loss of their child. The certificate is left blank for the parents to fill in exactly how they would like, however there are several options for the quote you'd like at the bottom of the certificate that you can choose from at checkout.)
6. A handpicked journal* - (Just as David poured out his heart in the Psalms, writing can be very therapeutic as your loved one walks through grief.)
7. All natural homemade lip balm - (An essential to restore chapped lips as a result of the countless tears that fall during grief. Made with organic coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and spearmint oil)

*We will send you a photo in an Etsy conversation of the handpicked items for your memory box.

At checkout, please include in the Note to Seller what you would like the to/from tag to say.

We would love to hear about the person you are purchasing this memory box for. We'd be honored to hear her story and be a small part of her journey. Send us an Etsy conversation with any information you'd like to share and we will keep it in mind as we select the handpicked items.

Please note that box size, colors, and patterns vary.

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What are the contents of each basket?

We have every item listed under "Item Details" for each listing! Be sure to check it out and let us know if you have any further questions. We'd be happy to address them for you!

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