A Burden Bearing Christmas

The holidays have a way of amplifying our grief. For some reason all of the joyous occasions throughout the month of December are often a stark contrast to the emptiness we feel in our hearts. And celebrating is often the last thing our hearts desire when someone we love so deeply is missing from all of the special events that this time of year holds.

We fear that no one will remember our loved ones even though we're surrounded by loved ones all month long, and our grief will go unnoticed and we will feel forgotten in the hustle and bustle. But we see you. Whether it's your first Christmas without your loved one or your tenth, we know what it feels like to celebrate the season when it seems as if there's nothing to celebrate.

Soak into Advent this year; Advent is all about the long awaited arrival of our Savior. When you're grieving it's so much easier to identify with this longing that is felt for something or someone, as opposed to the celebration of its arrival. And that's okay.

That is why we created an Advent Calendar with your grieving heart in mind. Each day from now until Christmas, you will find a special activity that will help you to include your missing loved one in the holiday. We encourage you to intentionally make space each day to process through your grief and reflect on Christ during this especially difficult time of the year. We've also included some fun printables such as adult coloring pages with scriptures and lyrics to help you focus your mind + heart on the real reason for the season: Jesus Christ.

You can download A Burden Bearing Christmas Advent here

Make sure you print it in landscape mode and share throughout the month how you are celebrating your loved one. Find us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #BBBadvent.

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